Miller is our latest love and I do mean that as Declan CANNOT keep his hands off of him. He is a happy boy most of the time and is my first baby to take a soother, which has been great. We think he his pretty darn cute as well.

I have to admit when we had our third boy I kind of felt like this should be fairly straight forward, nothing new here. In the past week however I have started to rethink this theory. As you know for the most part the 2 older boys are pretty quiet. They can be chatty when they desire, but they don't run around the house making noise. I do have to admit that may be due to Aaron and I often saying "Let's not be silly" or "if you're going to be noisy go outside". For our parents reading this blog those quotes may sound familiar?

Well little Mr Miller is a chatterbox. He chats all day. After listening to him all morning I grabbed the camera to record a bit of history because before long I will be saying "don't be silly" I think Grandpa Perrett and Great Uncle Phil would be proud of his "raspberry" skills. So many Perrett talents.

For some reason this video won't load... will keep trying

I don't know if I will ever get the video to load, may have to try another one. Mr Miller is a great source of joy for us. He is fought over and loved to pieces. I have to keep an eye on Hudson as he likes to get him out of his crib and carry him around the house. Miller doesn't seem to mind, but it often gives me a bit of a scare as some of the positions look a little precarious. Declan loves to hug and kiss him and lately Miller has started to defend himself. Last week he scratched Declan's cheek and I could hear the shock and disappointed and Declan said "Miyyer (he has a hard time with the "L" sound still) I am not very happy with you" Declan has also created a secret handshake that must be done everynight before bed which is kind of manly until it ends with a hug, kiss and "Oh I love you Miyyer" I will be sure to remind him of this once Miller is 12 years old and Declan is 16.

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