Hudson as a baby had some of the most hilarious pictures. He was a hungry baby and ate all the time, he was off the charts for weight. This boy has kept us entertained from day 1.

Our first boy was born on our 5th anniversary. He was a fast delivery and my doctor made it just in time to catch him. I was a little nervous as I wasn't too sure about the resident as she seemed to lack confidence, we did however have some good nurses in the room. He weighed in at 8lbs 8ounces but had almost doubled his weight by 8 weeks. Hudson was fairly happy, I do remember him crying a lot for the first couple of weeks, but perhaps it was due to overfeeding? Regardless he was fat and happy after that! For his baby blessing I could barely squeeze him into his outfit, which was too bad as he only got to wear it the one time.

In these pictures Hudson is between 2 and 3 months old. In my unbiased opinion he is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Those chubby cheeks were just too cute.

We lived in an apartment downtown and Aaron was in his last semester at the UofA when Hudson was born. It felt like a long winter and I would often go to WEM just to walk around and look at something new. We logged a several hours on that stroller, in fact it is the one we still have and use for Miller. It has been a good purchase.

Hudson was the first grandchild on the Slotsve side of the family and the 4th on the Perrett side. Living in Edmonton close to family has been very nice. My younger siblings have been a huge help as I worked part time and they have always been so good about babysitting. As a result my boys love them and have created some great relationships. Hudson and Chena spent quite a bit of time together as she too was in Edmonton for school at the time. Steele was "on call" when Chena wasn't available and I owe them both. Over the years stories have been revealed about the quality of care provided such as Steele "losing" Hudson for awhile and teaching him the in and outs of The Simpsons. Chena has admitted to catching up on some nap time on our couch, but I don't think Hudson is any worse for wear.

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