Declan was a great baby, always content and easy going. He even looks pretty chubby in this picture.

Declan Clark was named after his Great Grandma Baker. Her maiden name was Clark and I have always thought that would be a nice name to have. I have liked the name Declan since I first heard it on a movie called "The Jackal" in which Richard Gear's character sported the name. Declan was the best delivery out of the 3 boys. I had an epidural and I remember even saying to Aaron right after having him that I would be game for another baby someday.

Our second boy was born in the summer and it was nice to have a baby and be able to walk outside and not be cramped up indoors. Declan was born not long after we bought our first place which was a brand new condo in Oliver Square. Hudson was very excited when we brought Declan home and liked to show him all his toys and give him hugs and kisses. He also loved to lay beside him and "read" him stories.

Declan was an extremely good baby. I really don't remember much crying and he was always content to sit in his bouncy chair and watch whatever Hudson was up to. He still loves to watch Hudson, only now it's watching Hudson play Wii! Declan had a unique personality right from the start and it is true that even though kids are raised in the same environment they can be very different.

We have several family birthdays in June now. Tye's on the 25th, his son Cache was born the day before Declan on the 26th. It has been fun to see these two grow up. Here is a picture that we took when they were only about 2 months old. Cache definitely had the weight advantage...

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