Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks for the Memory

Well as you may tell from the lack of updates we have been pretty busy. July until Oct just flew by and I kept meaning to take some time to blog and so tonight I will pay the price. I think I will just finish off the summer update tonight and hope that I get time tomorrow to work on the fall bit.

This summer was alot of fun. For the first time in several years Aaron was actually home in the evenings and weekends to spend time together. My girlfriend Kari bought a boat and the kids loved just riding around the lake and Miller was lulled to sleep. We had fun waterskiing as it was a learning curve for both Kar and I as it had been awhile since I had tried and Kari wasn't sure the proper speed etc for pulling. We were both so excited when it worked on about the 4th or 5th try that she tried to take a picture of me while she was driving and I realized I was sinking in the water. By the time she realized she was slowing down it was too late and I was thigh high. She also had a tube that the boys and Aaron got a tour on. I call it a tour as Declan was too scared to go at any type of speed so we trudged along so slowly that I wonder what all the other boaters were thinking. Good thing Kari is so patient.

In August a friend from good ol' Saskatchewan got married in Jasper. We had a great time hiking and swimming and spending time as a family, the wedding was really nice and the food was fantastic. It sure was nice to catch up with friends. I even got to visit with one of the guys I use to work with at the coal mine. Funny how time goes by and yet sometimes as you talk to someone from your past you feel like you're right back in it.

My parents rented a beautiful house in Sylvan lake this summer. It was nice for all the grandkids to spend time together and have so much fun. My brother and his wife brought along some great toys, one of which was a huge party tube. I don't know what we would have done without it. The boys spent the majority of the time on it fighting their aunts for possession. It was hilarious to watch.

How fun is it to be cousins...10 male cousins! I love it.