Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Start spreading the news...I want to be a part of it

Well we've been back from NYC for a week and thought I had better blog while it was still fresh in my mind. My Mom and sisters hit NY running and didn't slow down, we covered a ton of ground. We arrived Friday night and went straight to Times Square. We had a few hours to kill as Kyanne wasn't set to arrive from Buffalo until 10pm at Penn Station. Mom didn't waste any time talking to everyone who was selling something, it was quite entertaining. The first guy we talked to was a great introduction to the big city and a good salesman. We bought tix to a comedy club and dueling pianos, which ended up to be totally entertaining. He took this picture for us, and was able to sniff out that we were LDS within minutes, kinda funny.

I forgot how busy the streets are in Times Square area, that's an experience in itself. Kyanne's train was really late so most of our adventures started the next morning. We got up and hit the subway down to Ground Zero. I think Mom was initially fairly skeptical of my navigating skills, but she followed along trustingly. The towers are still being rebuilt 10 years later, the war continues and we go about our daily lives seemingly unaffected. It was a good reminder to be grateful to those who are defending our freedom.

The Staten Island ferry was calling our name as the line up for Liberty Island was at least 2 hours. It worked out well and we caught the free ferry to Staten Island and enjoyed the ride as well as got a few pics of Manhattan.

After our Staten Island excursion we headed to China Town and Little Italy. We found a patio to enjoy the sun and rest our feet, had a late lunch and then hit the subway again to the Lower East side for dessert. If you haven't heard of The Doughnut Plant you are missing out. We grabbed our treats and walked around an outdoor market that had everything from vinyl records to $500 watches.

I usually keep a journal, especially while traveling, but neglected to this time and as a result I am already forgetting what happened on each day. It became such a whirlwind of activity that the days started to blend together. Oh yeah, next went down to the area around city hall, got pics at the infamous courthouse where Law and Order is often filmed then walked onto Brooklyn Bridge.

I took this panoramic shot while standing on Brooklyn Bridge. I think it turned out pretty neat as you can see Manhattan bridge and it kind of gives you and idea of what the scenery is really like. We headed back to our apartment which was only 2 blocks off Broadway and got ready for the Comedy show we went to that night. I have to admit I was fairly skeptical, but it turned out to be really entertaining. We walked around Times Square again, then hit the dueling pianos. There were two guys on piano and one on the drums. They were totally amazing. Chena requested "Somebody to Love" by Queen hoping to throw them off a little, but they did a great job. It was a long first day, but really fun. The rest of our trip was great too. I think I'll save the rest of our trip details for a photo album as this is already pretty long. Here are a few pictures that highlight the next 3 days.

We even saw Ellie Kemper! I think it's safe to say we all had a great time

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

....can't think of lyrics for this mess

What a long week. Aaron, Declan and I have been battling the flu for a week now. Declan just got sick again and is so use to it he didn't even wake up. How gross is that? I had to turn on the lights and turn him over and start talking to him. Poor guy, he's just skin and bones to start with. I sure hope he starts feeling better soon. I have these home projects I want to get working on and was selfishly hoping that he would be feeling well and be able to go to school tomorrow.

I have been searching through all sorts of blogs tonight getting more ideas and I am so impressed with people's creativity and talent. It is so nice that they post their ideas and techniques so that those less crafty (aka myself) can try some of their projects out. I am feeling the crunch for time as going back to work looms closer and summer is around the corner, when will I have the time to get the things done I'd like to. These late nights should probably end to start with!

Alright, convinced myself, off to bed. Here's to dreaming up a good project tomorrow that doesn't involve cleaning vomit and bleaching the house.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is the ride and this is the show

Another year has gone by as I celebrated my birthday this past week. Last year at the same time I was pregnant and strolling around Vegas with some friends. Time really does go by so quickly. Often the boys ask how many days until their next birthday and so we try to tally up an approximate number which always ends in disappointment when they realize there are several days left. Those days that pass so quickly for me yet feel like a lifetime for them. I thought I'd post a picture of us last year at Declan's bday party as a reminder of how grateful I am to both have Miller in our family as well as how pleased I am to not be pregnant. 58 days until we will be sitting outside enjoying yet another bday party.