Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boy in the Box

Who knew that Kirkland wipes had so many uses? Not only are the wipes a good price and quality but the box itself has provided hours of entertainment. Aaron placed Miller in the box to keep him entertained for a moment and it has turned out to be the new babysitter.

Hopefully he doesn't grow too fast as I'd like to keep him entertained as long as possible. As you can see it's worked for Declan with the carseat............

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ice Age

When I moved to Saskatchewan at the age of 20 I couldn't believe how much people talked about the weather. I worked in a small town with those who had a background in farming and coming from a farm myself I understood the impact weather had on everyone's life, but EVERY lunch hour AND break, surely there had to be more interesting things to discuss. I am about to eat my words as I blog about the weather! Life does come full circle. I have hit the age that weather apparently sometimes is the most interesting thing to talk about. Sad isn't it.

So here's some pics of the weather in our area... disregard the safety concerns

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lilith Fair artists

I am a big fan of Lilith Fair. Since it began it 1997 I have had the opportunity to go and enjoy the atmosphere and the music. In 2010 Lilith Fair made it's return but the atmosphere was lacking. I read that due to low ticket sales they moved all the big name artists inside. It was still enjoyable, but definitely different. I hope if it returns in 2011 they decide to go back to the outdoor venue. Here is a sample of some of the artists I was able to hear about and that have now become favourites due to Lilith.

Ingrid Michealson, I could listen to "You and I" over and over again, and I did as I redid my kitchen cupboards this fall I youtubed Ingrid and now love all of of her songs. Check out her other songs.. The way I am... Maybe... Everybody... Be OK, those are just a few.

A lady that lit up the stage in Edmonton is Australian Kate Miller Heidke. She is pretty unique and has great lyrics, this one is my fav "Caught in the Crowd"

The last one I'll post is the last song always played at Lilith it's Sarah McLachlan and "Ice Cream". The whole crowd sings it and I love that feeling unison and joy that comes just from some notes strung together and words that mean something to everyone listening.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Closed eyed and snoring

A couple of years ago I bought the boys a science kit. It focuses mostly on science projects that involve using our senses. We pulled it out the other day as lately the kids favourite show has been Myth Busters. This TV series attempts to prove through science which popular myths are accurate or not. If they prove to be true they are labelled "Confirmed", untrue they label the myth as "Busted". The other day H & D were trying to create their own experiments, it got a little out of hand as I caught Declan trying to pull out the bbque lighter in order to see if a milk carton filled with soap and water could catch on fire. He saw me coming around the corner and asked if I could "go outside and carefully start this on fire" after explaining that no that would not be possible he walked away and I heard him say "busted". Too funny.

Well back to the science kit... as I explained it focuses on the use of our senses and comes with a book and tools to use in each experiment. One of the tools being a blind fold that looks like sleeping mask. Hudson has taken a strong liking to this mask and wears it randomly around now. In fact he even finds it proves helpful when sleeping... confirmed.


Catfish is a documentary that we watched this weekend. It was  pretty interesting. I don't really want to spoil anything about it as it's best to watch it without knowing too much. I will say this though.... I think we all can relate to Angela in one way or another. What do you think?